My Beat

This semester, I’ve decided to focus on a healthy lifestyle blog, which consists of healthy recipes, meal prepping, the latest “health fads”, exercises, etc…

Where did healthy wife, healthy life come from?  Working 2 jobs, being in grad school, plus having the “at home” responsibilities, it’s hard to learn how to balance it all while maintaining good eating habits.  I’ve always been interested in going to the gym and eating right, but when you’re constantly working or doing homework, “free” time is limited, & unfortunately for me, “free” time doesn’t leave time for the gym anymore.  I’ve also found it harder to eat healthy.  It’s easy to grab quick but unhealthy foods when you’re constantly busy, whether it’s grabbing chips out of the cabinet or picking up fast food.

Being the only cook in the house, I quickly realized that if I’m not following healthy habits, it’s not only affecting me, but it’s affecting my husband as well.  Being a cop in New Haven, sometimes he works doubles or overnights, and can have very stressful nights.  He eats whatever I cook, and if there is no food he orders in. So I decided to dedicate my free time to making sure my husband and I have healthy food in the house at all times, and live a healthy lifestyle.  That is how I came up with Healthy Wife. Healthy Life. 

Easier said than done! Each week I create a “meal plan”, which I write out – there is a column for each day of the week, and I write out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks for each day.  I cook everything on Sunday’s, and portion it out for the week.

This started out as meal prepping on Sunday’s to make sure we’re eating clean, and it turned into a passion.  I love finding new clean eating recipes, great at-home workouts, and testing the latest “health” fads.  Check back to find great posts about a healthy lifestyle!


Author: fit_spiration

Read more about Carlene Speizer and discover healthy recipes, meal plans, fitness tips, and more! Be happy & healthy.

3 thoughts on “My Beat”

  1. This is a great beat to have! So many people (including myself) struggle with maintaining healthy habits. My wife is the “chef” of our home and being a supplement guru (she’s worked in the natural product industry for over a decade now) she looks for the healthiest versions of meals for our family.
    I’d love to read tips on meal prepping! That seems to be a huge hurdle in our house- having the time one day a week to prep the following week’s meals. I look forward to reading your blog and learning your insights!


  2. I’m looking forward to learning more about your beat. There is definitely an audience for this topic. I am definitely interested. Perhaps I will read something that I can apply to my daily routine. Your writing comes across conversational. Your argument for credibility rests on the notion that you gained this passion through personal experience. Due to the personality that comes across in your writing, that credibility resonates with me. Almost like a friend helping another friend. I feel some sentences could be broken up into shorter sentences. However, I understand the idea of extended lists to give readers an overwhelming feeling. That feeling came across as you were describing your responsibilities. Good stuff!


  3. I am so excited to read your blogs this semester! I have always had a hard time eating healthy due to my schedule. I work during the day for a software company but then 3 to 4 nights a week I teach dance. Most of the time its quick on the go snacks and meals in between jobs which are not always healthy. I also eat very late sometimes because I don’t get home until 9:30-10:00PM. I could go on and on for the reasons why I don’t necessarily eat healthy, but in the end I know its up to me to make the change. The good thing is both my husband and I cook, but that’s also a bad thing because he cooks the “bad” stuff! Ha!

    Okay sorry, Ill stop making this all about me!

    This was a great introduction post to your topic. You pulled me in from the beginning and I felt like I could relate to your blog. You gave insight as to what you will be covering throughout the semester and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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