Thin-spiration or Fit-Spiration

It’s time to work harder, eat better and feel happier!

Okay… easier said than done right?  In today’s society, we are so pressured (especially females) to look a certain way.  We find ourselves wanting to look like photoshopped models who’s bodies are not even achievable, well, because they’re photoshopped.  I used to be this way, and used to have a mindset that I needed to be stick thin just like the girls in the magazines.  I am so happy I don’t think this way anymore.  I changed my mindset from needing “thin-spiration” to “fit-spiration”.

What exactly is Fit-Spiration?

Fit-spiration is something or someone that inspires you and motivates you to be fit. We’re human, and we can’t be perfect, happy, and motivated all hours of every day.  Sometimes, we need a little push or motivation.  My motivation is Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer who took her workout’s and eating plans to social media.  Though I’m not currently on her plan, I find her to be an extremely positive role model for my mindset.

What sets Kayla apart from others is she isn’t just giving you workouts and meal plans, she wants to educate you on why you should be eating the number of suggested servings, and why foods or good or not good for your body.  She is about lifestyle changes and not just a “quick-fix” diet.  Her meal plans require real food, and good amounts of it!

Follow my 28 day challenge next month!

Kayla Itsines released a 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide (Click the link to purchase the book on Amazon!) which takes you through 28 days of education, meal plans and workouts.  Starting in July I will be testing this out, and you all will be able to follow my journey!

I truly love everything Kayla stands for, and I think it’s so important to spread this information.  She stresses that a “bikini body” isn’t the body you see on models, it’s when you feel good about yourself and your body.  It’s a state of mind where you are healthy, strong, and confident!

Check out Kayla’s website and see all she has to offer.  Maybe she’ll motivate you too to be healthy!




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