About the Author.. oh wait.. me!

A little background info…

My name is Carlene Speizer and I am 26 years old.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I took on an administrative position at a University right out of college, and decided I need to find something else that interests me to pursue a career.  After looking around, the Master’s in Interactive Media program sparked my interest, and here I am!  I am concentrating in UX, and hope to pursue a career in that field.

Aside from my day job, I am co-director of a dance studio, where we provide dance instruction in ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics, POM, and Zumba Fitness. We strive to teach confidence and positivity to each child.  In addition to teaching dance, I also cut and mix the music for the dances, and design our ‘ad book’ which is passed out at our annual recital.

So… do I actually have a life?

When I’m not working or doing homework (which is almost never), I do spend my time on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & my favorite, Pinterest.  I enjoy cooking (but not cleaning up afterwards).  Some of my favorite recipes include stuffed peppers, zucchini turkey burgers, and cauliflower fried rice with ground turkey.  I also love shopping for clothes & make-up (it’s more like a good therapy session). But nothing beats watching “Friends with Benefits” with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis on the couch with my husband & our dogs!  (I’m not sure he loves the movie as much as I do, but he still puts up with watching it.)

Now to get serious…

It seems I have grown up to live this busy life of 2 jobs, grad school, a husband and 2 dogs (yes living with my husband and the dogs should be considered a job).  I am certainly not the busiest girl in the world, but of all my friends I’d say I’m the one who has the most trouble saying “no”.  I continuously put too much on my plate, and continue to juggle everything in life until it knocks me straight onto my ass.  Trust me, it’s happened a few too many times.

Because of this I have run into many health risks, including caffeine overdoses and severe lack of sleeping.  It was enough to send me to the hospital – scary stuff!  This is when I got a reality check that I needed to make changes.  If I was going to stay busy, then I had to figure out ways to nourish my body to be able to do everything I want to do, as well as prioritize.  Since then I have cut back on some activities in life, but including a clean eating plan into my life helped a lot.  This is when I changed my entire mentality changed about a healthy lifestyle.  It wasn’t just about burning calories, it was taking care of my body inside and out, physically and mentally.  It is so important to be educated on what a healthy lifestyle is, and that is how I became so passionate.  Whether you need to eat healthier, work out more, or gain confidence, choose a goal and get going!  I want to share my knowledge with others, and hopefully I can inspire or motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle.



Author: fit_spiration

Read more about Carlene Speizer and discover healthy recipes, meal plans, fitness tips, and more! Be happy & healthy.

One thought on “About the Author.. oh wait.. me!”

  1. I loved reading this blog!!!! I related soooooo much to it!!! I have my day job, teach dance at night, and find little time to spend with my husband and puppy. However, the thing you have mastered with all of that is HEALTHY EATING! I have not figured that part out yet. I am hoping that by reading your blog I can figure out how to make it happen since we lead very similar life styles!

    You’re giving me hope! This blog made me want to ready more. Can’t wait for your next post!



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