No-Nutrition Natalie is a 30-year-old female. During the day, she works an administrative position where she sits at her desk all day. Her office consistently has junk food lying around, and she finds it hard to resist the sugar. At home, she takes care of her husband and 2 children, ages 1½ and 4.

She is 5’6″ and 170 pounds; 40 pounds over the ideal weight of a woman her age and height. The only exercise she gets is chasing her kids around outside, which is not often. She has high blood pressure and is developing breathing problems.

The meals in the house consist of frozen foods, boxed foods and take-out. Her favorite foods are pizza, pasta, and anything fried. At her last physical, her doctor warned her that her habits are not only affecting her, but her family as well in a negative way. If she keeps up these unhealthy habits, her and her family run the risk of developing several illnesses related to being overweight, including diabetes.

She is now realizing she needs to change her ways, and is looking for something to help her change her and her family’s lifestyle. She is ready to make the necessary changes so herself, her husband and her kids can lead a healthy life.


Author: fit_spiration

Read more about Carlene Speizer and discover healthy recipes, meal plans, fitness tips, and more! Be happy & healthy.

2 thoughts on “Persona”

  1. I do not have kids of my own yet, but I am sure that it’s even harder to eat healthier when your busy with children. Natalie will be in good hands reading your blog everyday because you target all the points and issues she is dealing with. She is going to gain great information on how to eat healthier and how to change her bad habits so she leads a healthier lifestyle. When she reads your blog and becomes more knowledgeable it will not only help her but it will also benefit her husband and kids.


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  2. The descriptive terms you used really paint this subject in a human light. You highlight your persona and discuss their habits. You touch on very connectable flaws and include their aspirations. Personas nowadays utilize many graphics and I feel that your written persona captures this member of your audience well. “She has high blood pressure and is developing breathing problems” is a concrete problem that may plague people interested in your blog. Overall, I think that this is a concise, well-crafted persona.


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