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Meal preparation, sometimes called “meal prep,” is the process of planning and preparing meals. Most people will meal prep on Sunday, but there is an increasing trend of mid-week meal prepping, where meals are prepared once on Sunday, for Mon-Wed, then again on Wednesday for the rest of the week. If you are meal prepping with highly perishable items like leafy greens, you may want to consider a mid-week meal prep routine.

Many people say meal prep is intimidating because it takes up so much free time.[3] Eventually it becomes a part of your routine; it shouldn’t take over your life.


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  2. Who Should Meal Prep
  3. Benefits of Meal Prep
  4. Meal Prep Services
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Advance preparation

Sometimes meal preparation involves preparing meals ahead of time for a short or extended period of time.[1] This practice may occur among people who desire to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Advance preparation can serve to standardize food portions. Sometimes meals are fully cooked, other times they are not.[2] Meals may be prepared in small containers such as tupperware, and are sometimes labeled.

Who should meal prep

Meal prep is for everyone! Whether you work full time, cook for just yourself, cook for a large family, or you just want to lose weight, meal prepping can benefit everyone!

A busy schedule is one of the top reasons why people choose quick takeout meals, which are loaded with calories and sodium, and will contribute to an expanding waistline.[4] This is a main reason why meal prep is so important for people who are constantly “on-the-go”.

Benefits of meal prep

  • You’ll save money – When you know you’re going to meal prep on a weekly basis, you can buy foods in bulk.[3] Buy the large pack of chicken and freeze whatever you don’t use.
  • You’ll save time – You can cook multiple foods at once, then not have to cook for the rest of the week. Also, by portioning your food
  • You’ll eat healthier – Planning and portioning your meals will help you avoid eating fast-food or take-out.[6] By keeping healthy portioned out food in your home or in your desk at work, you’ll make healthier choices when you feel the urge to snack.
  • You’ll learn portion control – When you prepare your food in advance, you know exactly what your body is consuming. You’ll get to know the correct portion sizes of proteins, vegetables and carbs, so when you go out to eat you will be more conscious of your portions.[5]

 Meal prep services

Due to the growing popularity of meal prep, you can find many places who will do the work for you and deliver it to your door. You can order meals online that are already cooked, or they’ll provide the ingredients for you to cook.

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