Healthier Picnic Options

Happy 4th of July everyone!  As we all head out to picnics, we know that they are usually filled with food options that are loaded with carbs, fats and sugars! (Not everyone is as lucky as me to have friends who cook healthy foods for you at their picnics!) Yes, this is a blog about healthy eating, but I do not believe in depriving yourself. I’ve tried, and it usually results in an unhealthy night of binge eating. You should enjoy yourself, especially on holidays, but if you’re looking to eat with a little less regret at the end of the night, let’s talk about how to choose healthier options.

Veggies: Hopefully there are some vegetables for you to choose from. You should load your plate with veggies first! If possible, try to choose non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, summer squash & zucchini). Loading up on veggies will leave less room for the bad stuff!

Salads: Picnics are known for having various types of salads. Choose a green salad, or a pasta salad with veggies and salad dressings. Say no to anything with mayo, as this is loaded with fats!

Meats: Your standard 4th of July BBQ is going to consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, kabobs… The good news is, anything grilled is already better than something fried, so you’re making better choices already! If you have the option, stick with grilled chicken or a grilled kabob with veggies. Seeing as not everyone cooks chicken, if you’re stuck between a hamburger or hot dog, choose the hamburger with no bun (save those carbs for later!) You can still top it with your favorite condiments and veggies. If you’re craving that hot dog, again, just skip the bun!

Dessert: Everyone’s favorite part of the picnic! I am not here to tell you not to eat dessert, who can resist? If you are trying to choose a healthier option, choose a fruit salad, or maybe a lightened up fruit trifle. If you do see something super delicious and just can’t resist, take a smaller portion of it. This way you feed into your craving, but you’re not overloading your body with unnecessary sugars.

Enjoy your picnics everyone! Happy 4th and happy eating!


Author: fit_spiration

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One thought on “Healthier Picnic Options”

  1. Yes, all the picnics I have been attending are filled with bad foods for your body. I really do try to fill up on veggies and salads first but I always have chips and bread on the plate too! I have been trying to do a burger without a bun or at least half of a bun.

    Desserts, well that’s me going after the one with the most chocolate in it, so I guess I’ll stick to a smaller portion!
    What’s your favorite dish to make at a picnic?



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