How to Stick to Your Workout Plan

How many times have you planned on starting a workout routine, and find yourself quitting after a couple of weeks? It’s easy to start a plan, but following through is hard for many of us. Most of the time we find ourselves drained from our hectic lives, so when we get home we go straight for the couch (I am guilty of this after a rough day). Here are some tips to keep you on track with your workout goals.


One of the reasons behind so many people’s successes with a workout is because they have someone with them. It’s easier and more fun to exercise with a friend! Schedule times together, or join a group class! It’s nice to be part of a community, or just have a friend who is supportive of the same goals as you.


Some of us have this idea that our workouts need to be an hour long. Shorter workouts can be just as effective, and you’re probably more likely to work harder during a shorter workout. It is also easier and more feasible for those who have a super busy schedule to work out for 10 minutes.


Another reason we lack motivation is because we don’t believe in ourselves, or have low self-esteem. This makes it harder for people to succeed when it comes to a specific goal or change, such as a work out plan. Set a small goal for yourself, and celebrate it when you achieve it. Keep telling yourself you can do it. Create a motivation wall in your house with your goals and motivational quotes! Anything to keep yourself going. You can do it!


This is one of my biggest personal struggles – realistic expectations. If you expect to see a change in your body after one week, you will likely be disappointed and will quit on your workout. Seeing a change in your body can take weeks, so focus on other changes like feeling better, having more energy or sleeping better.

I hope these tips help you stay focused on your workout. Keep going and you will see a change in just a couple of weeks!


Author: fit_spiration

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