Midterm Self-Evaluation

So far I am very happy with the beat that I chose – a healthy lifestyle. The style of my blog is very relaxed and conversational which coincides perfectly with my personality. I believe it has been a success so far based on the comments and Twitter feedback. My readers seem to really be enjoying the posts and learning from them!

My favorite post that I’ve written so far was “Thin-spiration or Fit-spiration“. I feel the topic is so important, especially with the pressures in today’s society. In modern times we are so pressured to be as skinny as the models we see on social media, when in reality it should be how we feel, and being comfortable in our own skin.

I am learning so much writing this blog. Not only about new workouts and recipes, but it’s helping me learn more about myself as well. I love being able to share my experiences and what I’ve learned from them to inspire others.

I’m choosing to continue my current beat and give readers more inspiration on how to be healthy!


Author: fit_spiration

Read more about Carlene Speizer and discover healthy recipes, meal plans, fitness tips, and more! Be happy & healthy.

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