Abstract Presentation – Healthy Vending Machines

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With more than 2/3 of adults and more than 1/3 of children and adolescents ages 6 to 19 considered overweight or obese, obesity continues to be a growing epidemic in the United States. Because of this, there is an increased awareness and people are becoming more conscious about what they put in their bodies. The Quinnipiac community has done a great job of spreading awareness and providing health conscious options to both students and faculty & staff. There’s a gym on each campus, fitness classes, healthier choices in the cafe and QU Wellness Living Well for employees, but we can do better!

I am proposing healthy vending machines on each campus, in various locations. Vending machines are used by students, faculty, staff and visitors. Research shows that sales have increased when healthy vending machines were swapped out with the standard ones filled with high carb, high sugar snacks and drinks. With people being more conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies, they will enjoy having healthier options on campus.

When a student is stressed about homework assignments or exams, or a staff member is having a rough day at work, more times than not they will turn to a snack to comfort them. Since they’re stressed, they’re looking for something quick, easy and convenient. Where do you go? To the vending machine. Vending machines are created for convenience, and having unhealthy options is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. By adding healthier choices in vending machines on campus, we can change that, and make “healthy” a convenience!

Healthy snacks will fuel their bodies with the right nutrition, and in turn they will have better focus. A healthy snack will give energy from the nutrition rather than a sugar rush from the sugary snacks found in standard vending machines.

The purpose of this business plan is to spend the necessary funds to swap out the current vending machines for healthy vending machines. Let’s enhance the Quinnipiac community with healthy habits.


Author: fit_spiration

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