5 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts!

If you’re anything like me, you’re sleeping until the last minute before you have to wake up for work. Then you’re rushing to get ready, take the dogs outside, and doing everything else you need to do before you leave for the day. Seeing as I’m always rushing, there is no time for me to make breakfast in the morning, and no time for me to stop somewhere on my way. The solution? Meal prep of course! You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest, my favorite!

Here are 5 make-ahead healthy breakfasts to make sure you don’t skip the most important meal of the day!

Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups

I found this great recipe on Call Me PMc. These are an easy, on-the-go breakfast that’s both easy and healthy, but you still get that sweetness you may be craving. With only 6 ingredients, it will take you less than 30 minutes to make these!


I absolutely love smoothies! They’re so easy to prep, and so quick to make in the morning. They’re also great to get your servings of fruits, vegetables and proteins! Once I purchased a Ninja and I was able to blend my smoothies into the same cup I would drink it out of, the convenience just made me become obsessed! Now since everyone has different tastes, it was hard for me to choose one amazing smoothie recipe, so I found this great post from Averie Cooks with 15 healthy smoothie recipes. Now get blending!

Make Ahead Healthy Breakfast Burritos

If you’re a breakfast sandwich lover, this is a great freezer meal that is packed with protein! Snacking in Sneakers gives us a great recipe using eggs, veggies and sausage. This breakfast burrito is sure to keep you full for the morning. Just heat up in the microwave and enjoy! This is not low carb, so either swap out the tortilla for a lower calorie count, or be sure to eat this on your workout days so you’re energized!

Egg Muffins

These are one of my favorite and easiest breakfast meals to make. You can make so many different varieties so you don’t get sick of the same flavor. Sweet Peas and Saffron gives 7 great types of egg muffins that are freezer friendly! Great for the whole family!

Protein Pancakes

My new favorite breakfast has to be protein pancakes. I love them so much that I probably eat them for dinner at least once a week (along with breakfast once or twice). Greatist offers 9 protein pancake recipes. Now I personally have not tried these yet – I’ll admit I’ve been buying Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Flapjack Mix (you can find them here on Amazon, or in your local Target or Shoprite). I make enough for 3 days, and they’re just as good on day 3! Now my husband is hooked. Protein pancakes make you feel like you’re having a sweet breakfast with health benefits! Try some today and fuel your body.


I hope you enjoy these 5 make ahead breakfasts! Let me know which one’s you’re thinking of trying, or if you try one, let me know your thoughts! Happy healthy eating 🙂


Submission Plan

I have chosen to write about stress and how it affects your health. I would like to submit it to POPSUGAR which is a website “where more than 3 million women go each day for original, inspirational content that feeds their passions, interests and attitudes” (popsugar.com).

POPSUGAR’s guidelines require honest and authentic writing. Personality should come through in the article, and readers should take something from the article.

I think that readers will be surprised on how bad stress is for us and our bodies, and will learn how to make healthy choices to lessen that stress.

Midterm Self-Evaluation

So far I am very happy with the beat that I chose – a healthy lifestyle. The style of my blog is very relaxed and conversational which coincides perfectly with my personality. I believe it has been a success so far based on the comments and Twitter feedback. My readers seem to really be enjoying the posts and learning from them!

My favorite post that I’ve written so far was “Thin-spiration or Fit-spiration“. I feel the topic is so important, especially with the pressures in today’s society. In modern times we are so pressured to be as skinny as the models we see on social media, when in reality it should be how we feel, and being comfortable in our own skin.

I am learning so much writing this blog. Not only about new workouts and recipes, but it’s helping me learn more about myself as well. I love being able to share my experiences and what I’ve learned from them to inspire others.

I’m choosing to continue my current beat and give readers more inspiration on how to be healthy!

How to Stick to Your Workout Plan

How many times have you planned on starting a workout routine, and find yourself quitting after a couple of weeks? It’s easy to start a plan, but following through is hard for many of us. Most of the time we find ourselves drained from our hectic lives, so when we get home we go straight for the couch (I am guilty of this after a rough day). Here are some tips to keep you on track with your workout goals.


One of the reasons behind so many people’s successes with a workout is because they have someone with them. It’s easier and more fun to exercise with a friend! Schedule times together, or join a group class! It’s nice to be part of a community, or just have a friend who is supportive of the same goals as you.


Some of us have this idea that our workouts need to be an hour long. Shorter workouts can be just as effective, and you’re probably more likely to work harder during a shorter workout. It is also easier and more feasible for those who have a super busy schedule to work out for 10 minutes.


Another reason we lack motivation is because we don’t believe in ourselves, or have low self-esteem. This makes it harder for people to succeed when it comes to a specific goal or change, such as a work out plan. Set a small goal for yourself, and celebrate it when you achieve it. Keep telling yourself you can do it. Create a motivation wall in your house with your goals and motivational quotes! Anything to keep yourself going. You can do it!


This is one of my biggest personal struggles – realistic expectations. If you expect to see a change in your body after one week, you will likely be disappointed and will quit on your workout. Seeing a change in your body can take weeks, so focus on other changes like feeling better, having more energy or sleeping better.

I hope these tips help you stay focused on your workout. Keep going and you will see a change in just a couple of weeks!

Healthier Picnic Options

Happy 4th of July everyone!  As we all head out to picnics, we know that they are usually filled with food options that are loaded with carbs, fats and sugars! (Not everyone is as lucky as me to have friends who cook healthy foods for you at their picnics!) Yes, this is a blog about healthy eating, but I do not believe in depriving yourself. I’ve tried, and it usually results in an unhealthy night of binge eating. You should enjoy yourself, especially on holidays, but if you’re looking to eat with a little less regret at the end of the night, let’s talk about how to choose healthier options.

Veggies: Hopefully there are some vegetables for you to choose from. You should load your plate with veggies first! If possible, try to choose non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, summer squash & zucchini). Loading up on veggies will leave less room for the bad stuff!

Salads: Picnics are known for having various types of salads. Choose a green salad, or a pasta salad with veggies and salad dressings. Say no to anything with mayo, as this is loaded with fats!

Meats: Your standard 4th of July BBQ is going to consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, kabobs… The good news is, anything grilled is already better than something fried, so you’re making better choices already! If you have the option, stick with grilled chicken or a grilled kabob with veggies. Seeing as not everyone cooks chicken, if you’re stuck between a hamburger or hot dog, choose the hamburger with no bun (save those carbs for later!) You can still top it with your favorite condiments and veggies. If you’re craving that hot dog, again, just skip the bun!

Dessert: Everyone’s favorite part of the picnic! I am not here to tell you not to eat dessert, who can resist? If you are trying to choose a healthier option, choose a fruit salad, or maybe a lightened up fruit trifle. If you do see something super delicious and just can’t resist, take a smaller portion of it. This way you feed into your craving, but you’re not overloading your body with unnecessary sugars.

Enjoy your picnics everyone! Happy 4th and happy eating!

An Avocado a Day…

An Avocado a Day…


People are obsessed with avocado! The popular versatile fruit can be used in your meal any time of day. So what’s the big deal about this superfood? Avocados have about 20 vitamins and minerals in them (Ware), and provide many health benefits.

Avocado 2

Source: organicfacts.net

A Few Health Benefits

Avocados are known for many health benefits. Here are a few:

  1. Heart Healthy: Avocados contain mono- and polyunsaturated fats which may reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk for heart disease (Szalay).
  2. Regulation: Avocados can regulate blood sugar levels due to the high levels of monounsaturated fats. They also contain high levels of potassium which help to regulate blood pressure.
  3. Digestion: The fibrous fruit which has about 6-7 grams of fiber per half fruit (Ware) can help to regulate your digestion to help keep a healthy weight. It also helps to prevent constipation.
  4. Skin: Avocados contain vitamin C and E, which help to keep skin glowing.
  5. Dental Care: Avocados are known to help prevent bad breath by improving your digestive health and killing mouth bacteria (Organic Facts).

How to Choose the Perfect Avocado

When you’re in the grocery store, that huge mound of avocados can be intimidating. You can’t choose a perfect avocado just by looking at it, you’ll have to use the squeeze test. To find a ripe avocado that is ready for consumption, you’ll want to find one that is firm but will yield to gentle pressure (California Avocados). If you’re not going to use the avocado right away, you will want a firm, un-ripe avocado.

How to Cut an Avocado

It is important to learn how to handle the fruit properly as it is easy to cut yourself if not. Check out this video to learn the best way to cut and peel an avocado!

Avocado Recipes

Try these great avocado recipes today!

Breakfast: Avocado Toast 12 Ways!

Lunch: Chicken Avocado Pita

Dinner: Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto

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Prep Calendar App

Prep Calendar

Prep calendar is an iPhone app to help those who would like to meal prep, but need a little help keeping track of their meals.

Once the app is downloaded and opened, the home page will feature the latest article posted from our Prep 101 section.  When you access the menu, you will see the following options:

  1. Prep 101
  2. Recipes
  3. Shopping List
  4. Calendar


Prep 101

This is where you will find all of the information you need to be a meal prep and nutrition pro. Knowing suggested servings and food groups will make it easier to plan your weekly meals. It’s good to know how to meal prep, but it’s more important to understand why you’re putting certain foods or amounts of food into your body.

You’ll also find out what your calorie target should be based on your age, gender of your goal. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to burn more calories than you’re taking in, so you’ll eat at a calorie deficit. This app will educate you on how to do that safely and effectively.

You will also learn tips and tricks on how to make meal planning and meal prepping easier and faster, and how to organize your fridge effectively.


In this section you will find healthy recipe options with comments. The recipes will be organized by meal (ex. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc…) or by main ingredient (ex. Ground turkey, chicken, pasta, etc…).  Nutrition information will also be available for each recipe so you know how many calories, sugars, etc… are in each serving. This is important information to track when trying to achieve your goal.

The comments section will be available with every recipe so you can post questions, comment your opinion about the recipe, or maybe a food you swapped that was successful. This is also great opportunity to connect with other users whose goals are similar to yours. This is a great motivator!

Shopping List

The shopping list section is a place where you can add foods you need to make your meals for the week. You have two options: you can manually add foods, or when you’re in a recipe, you can click “add ingredients” and all of the ingredients for that recipe will appear in your shopping list.

To make it more convenient, the list will be organized by food group (ex. Meat, dairy, produce, etc…).  You can even check off your food item as you’re shopping.


Here is where you plan your meals. The calendar will be viewable as weekly or daily. Each day will have a section for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. This will help you organize what you will be prepping for each meal or snack, and help you to know exactly what to eat during the day.