Thin-spiration or Fit-Spiration

It’s time to work harder, eat better and feel happier!

Okay… easier said than done right?  In today’s society, we are so pressured (especially females) to look a certain way.  We find ourselves wanting to look like photoshopped models who’s bodies are not even achievable, well, because they’re photoshopped.  I used to be this way, and used to have a mindset that I needed to be stick thin just like the girls in the magazines.  I am so happy I don’t think this way anymore.  I changed my mindset from needing “thin-spiration” to “fit-spiration”.

What exactly is Fit-Spiration?

Fit-spiration is something or someone that inspires you and motivates you to be fit. We’re human, and we can’t be perfect, happy, and motivated all hours of every day.  Sometimes, we need a little push or motivation.  My motivation is Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer who took her workout’s and eating plans to social media.  Though I’m not currently on her plan, I find her to be an extremely positive role model for my mindset.

What sets Kayla apart from others is she isn’t just giving you workouts and meal plans, she wants to educate you on why you should be eating the number of suggested servings, and why foods or good or not good for your body.  She is about lifestyle changes and not just a “quick-fix” diet.  Her meal plans require real food, and good amounts of it!

Follow my 28 day challenge next month!

Kayla Itsines released a 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide (Click the link to purchase the book on Amazon!) which takes you through 28 days of education, meal plans and workouts.  Starting in July I will be testing this out, and you all will be able to follow my journey!

I truly love everything Kayla stands for, and I think it’s so important to spread this information.  She stresses that a “bikini body” isn’t the body you see on models, it’s when you feel good about yourself and your body.  It’s a state of mind where you are healthy, strong, and confident!

Check out Kayla’s website and see all she has to offer.  Maybe she’ll motivate you too to be healthy!





Carlene Speizer

Twitter: @CarleneSpeizer



Skills and Abilities

  • Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Calendar
  • Datatel
  • Image Now
  • Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition


Professional Experience


  • Provides recipes, meal plan tips, exercises, and other information to help busy people lead a healthy lifestyle


  • Supports faculty, program directors and administrative staff in the performance of their duties
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office Suite for daily processes, including Outlook Calendar
  • Maintains phone coverage, takes messages and relays information, greets visitors and students
  • Appropriately formats and edits reference letters and other documents written by staff and prepares them for printing
  • Reviews and routes incoming mail for appropriate distribution
  • Uses University’s database and other office productivity software to perform duties such as create correspondence, spreadsheets, reports, forms and memos
  • Organizes and maintains a filing system for all pertinent department/program data so that it is readily accessible
  • Assists with the organization, preparation and ordering for receptions, open houses, information sessions and other University events


  • Choreography and instruction across several genres in a class environment
  • Managing clients payments, billing and invoicing
  • Managing of daily operations, clerical processes, and print advertising
  • Managing all preparation for annual showcase including music, costumes, event staff, etc.
  • Creates and manages all paperwork including yearly contract
  • Supervises all other instructors and class assistants
  • Designs all programs and flyers





My Favorite Recipe Website

I am always looking for recipes to make that are pretty simple, healthy, and flavorful. My favorite go-to recipe website is Skinnytaste by Gina Homolka!  Gina provides healthy versions of dishes without sacrificing flavor, and my husband and I have not been disappointed!  She has tons of great recipes on her website, as well as 2 cookbooks and a meal plan book.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.54.17 PM

On her website, you can view recipes by course or ingredient, special diet or seasonal. There is something for everyone, including kid friendly meals!  She also provides photos, and now is adding videos to make it even easier!

Be sure to read the comments for each recipe.  Fans will post substitutions they used in the recipe or even sides that went great with the meal.  They’ll even post questions that Gina will answer.  If you love her site, be sure to sign up for the e-mails so you know every time a new recipe is posted.  Happy healthy eating!

My top 5 favorite recipes. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

  1. Turkey Stuffed Peppers
  2. Buffalo Turkey Burgers (My husband’s favorite!)
  3. Zucchini Lasagna
  4. Chicken Pesto Bake
  5. Spinach Lasagna Rolls

My Beat

This semester, I’ve decided to focus on a healthy lifestyle blog, which consists of healthy recipes, meal prepping, the latest “health fads”, exercises, etc…

Where did healthy wife, healthy life come from?  Working 2 jobs, being in grad school, plus having the “at home” responsibilities, it’s hard to learn how to balance it all while maintaining good eating habits.  I’ve always been interested in going to the gym and eating right, but when you’re constantly working or doing homework, “free” time is limited, & unfortunately for me, “free” time doesn’t leave time for the gym anymore.  I’ve also found it harder to eat healthy.  It’s easy to grab quick but unhealthy foods when you’re constantly busy, whether it’s grabbing chips out of the cabinet or picking up fast food.

Being the only cook in the house, I quickly realized that if I’m not following healthy habits, it’s not only affecting me, but it’s affecting my husband as well.  Being a cop in New Haven, sometimes he works doubles or overnights, and can have very stressful nights.  He eats whatever I cook, and if there is no food he orders in. So I decided to dedicate my free time to making sure my husband and I have healthy food in the house at all times, and live a healthy lifestyle.  That is how I came up with Healthy Wife. Healthy Life. 

Easier said than done! Each week I create a “meal plan”, which I write out – there is a column for each day of the week, and I write out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks for each day.  I cook everything on Sunday’s, and portion it out for the week.

This started out as meal prepping on Sunday’s to make sure we’re eating clean, and it turned into a passion.  I love finding new clean eating recipes, great at-home workouts, and testing the latest “health” fads.  Check back to find great posts about a healthy lifestyle!

Meet Carlene Speizer

Hi everyone, Carlene Speizer here! I am 26 years old, and I live in Connecticut with my husband and 2 dogs.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I took on an administrative position at a University right out of college, and decided I need to find something else that interests me to pursue a career.  After looking around, the Master’s in Interactive Media program sparked my interest, and here I am!  I am concentrating in UX, and hope to pursue a career in that field.

Aside from my day job, I am co-director of a dance studio, where we provide dance instruction in ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics, POM, and Zumba Fitness. We strive to teach confidence and positivity to each child.  In addition to teaching dance, I also cut and mix the music for the dances, and design our ‘ad book’ which is passed out at our annual recital.

When I’m not working or doing homework (which is almost never), I do spend my time on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & my favorite, Pinterest.  I also enjoy cooking, shopping for clothes & make-up, and watching movies on the couch with my husband & our dogs!

Past Work

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Here is a sample of a piece I wrote about the success of WWE’s usage of social media.  Enjoy!


The #RAW Truth of WWE’s Social Media Success



Over the past few years, social media has become an addiction.  Ask yourself how many times you check your social media sites in a day. With more than two billion social media users worldwide, 18% of users can’t go a few hours without checking Facebook.  If you’re ages 20-29, you spend an average of about 2 hours of your day on social media (Bennett).  This social media addiction was causing a decline in TV viewing.  Do you know anyone that turns a show on but is on their phone the entire time?  I live with one.  With the increasing popularity of social media, TV networks have been forced to think of ways to keep fans interested and engaged.

Many networks now are providing platforms that offer interaction.  Social television is growing rapidly.  According to Shiv Kamal, Marketing Manager at Clearbridge Mobile, 84% of smartphone and tablet owners say they use their devices while watching TV, and more than 1 million Americans are active on Twitter during programming.  While watching shows, networks are now including hashtags on the screen so fans can tweet their reactions or opinions on a certain episode or a specific event that occurred in the show.  The increasing Twitter conversation during live programming is proof that there is higher engagement with programming among the general viewing audience (Nielsen).



One network taking full advantage of “second screen” and succeeding is WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.  Even if you don’t watch any WWE programming, I bet you’ve at least heard the name.  WWE was seeing a decline in their viewings, and knew if something didn’t change, trouble was ahead.  Wrestling may not be taken seriously to many people, but their social media presence is no joke.

They were one of the first companies to adopt technology early, launching a digital media department and website in May 1998 (Wilson).  WWE has won numerous social media awards and are always ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to technology and connecting with their fans through social media.


With five weekly shows out of which three are televised live worldwide in over 180 countries and the other two shows streaming through online media, WWE is available for over 12 live hours a week and has a total of 360 million social media followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat combined,” as outlined in 10 Social Media platforms used by WWE.


-Login Radius



Every decision WWE makes is with social media in mind.  They listen to the fans and create content they want on a platform they want (Otterson).  Their digital strategy has received praise and admiration from their competitors.  Here are just a few pieces of the WWE formula which got them the dominating fan-base they have today.

Fan Engagement

Fans appreciate feeling acknowledged, and feeling like they’re being heard.  Using Twitter, WWE has let fans decide on which matches they want to see, and has even held votes on which characters they want to see fight in a specific match, and the results are shown on live TV.

During each match, there is a hashtag in the top left corner of the screen (as seen in the image below) that fans can use to tweet about the show, live event, or a specific match.  This encourages the viewers to engage in the conversation on social media. The main hashtags are #RAW for their Monday night show, and #SmackdownLive for their Tuesday night show. Then they will throw in hashtags for specific matches.  For example, this past Monday there were two match hashtags: #MixedTag (mixed gender match) and #RollinsvsJericho (specific to the two competitors in that match).

WWE can also tell what the fans want by their live events.  Fans tell WWE what they like by cheering, and what they don’t like by booing (Wilson).  Paying attention to this is extremely important.  Happy fans lead to more engagement and greater achievement for the business.

 Employee Participation

Each superstar has social media accounts so fans can interact with their favorite all-stars at a more personal level.  The talent “uses their social media accounts to continue to drive storyline and engagement” (Wilson).  They can share photos, post videos, take fans ‘behind the scenes’, and they can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This engages the fans beyond the air time and increases fan loyalty.



One of the great things about WWE and their superstars is their contribution to charity.  They might play ‘rough and tough’ on TV, but many of them are involved in community and charitable organizations.  By use of social media, they can spread the word about many of the great causes they support:

  • To date, WWE has donated more than $1.2 million to fund breast cancer research during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • The WWE’s Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.
  • Be A Star Anti Bullying Campaign.
  • Make A Wish – WWE superstar John Cena holds the record of granting more than 400 wishes to date.

Click here to see a video for the ‘Connor’s Cure’ charity fund, honored by the WWE.

Personal Social Media Engagement

I was never a fan of wrestling until I met my fiancé, and it took me a good 6 months to even give it a chance.  Now as much as I made fun of it, I had two choices: be miserable watching it, or give it a chance because he likes it, and I decided to give it a chance.  I’m usually embarrassed to even say I watch it, but they know how to reel you in with their ‘soap opera’ like storylines.  I am now a part of the “WWE Universe” (the WWE fan-base).

I’ve been a ‘fan’ for about 2 years now.  Since then I watch both of their weekly shows, Raw and Smackdown Live, and I’ve been to two live shows in Connecticut.  During these live shows I’ve posted pictures on social media using their hashtags.

On a weekly basis I use Twitter to see people’s reactions, or to see the results if I miss the show, but I normally don’t tweet.  I did this week due to the assignment, but since I don’t have many friends interested in wrestling, it didn’t go very far for me.



I do have to say, WWE has the most loyal social media fan base I’ve ever seen.  Just like you would know every song when seeing your favorite singer live, the fans know each superstar’s entrance music, and every chant.  You can sense the loyalty and excitement in the atmosphere the second you step into the arena.  WWE has done an incredible job at utilizing “second screen” during their TV broadcasts.  They will continue to strive to stay ahead in the social media market, and to involve their fan base as much as possible.  If WWE stays on this path, they have more and more success to look forward to as their company grows.